Experts from the Visegrad countries provided trainings for representatives of Vinnytsia region communities


On December 5-6, 2018, the training program for representatives of the amalgamated territorial communities of Vinnytsia region continued in Vinnitsa in the framework of the project “The educational system management of local communities: V4 countries experience for Ukraine”.

The project is implemented by NGO “Resource and information center “Communities of Vinnitsya region” with the support of the International Visegrad Fund.

This time trainings for 30 participants from 16 ATGs of Vinnitsa region were conducted by four project experts from the Visegrad countries.

Each international expert told participants about the education management system of the territorial communities of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, namely legislative regulation, division of powers, management system, financing, optimization processes and, most importantly, the best local practices.

In particular, the Slovak expert of the project, Eduard Buras, told participants about trends of the education development during independent Slovakia with examples of the progressive city of Kosice and the village of Kechneс.

The Hungarian representatives, Sandor Kolesh and Laszlo Odor, impressed participants with a non-typical history of the formation of the education management system in Hungary, which is characterized by tendencies of centralization since 2013.

The materials of the training of the Polish project expert Radoslaw Szarleja focused on the experience of education system optimizing processes and their best practices.

The Czech expert of the project Lucie Gregurkova, told participants about the history of the formation of the Czech education system and its current decentralized state at the community level.

According to the results of the training program, the participants received certificates.

We remind that trainings within the framework of the “The educational system management of local communities: V4 countries experience for Ukraine” were held in Vinnytsia on December 4-6, 2018.

On December 4, the participants with the Ukrainian experts of the project considered the following topics: current status of education system in amalgamated territorial communities, diagnosis of conditions for community-based education development, SWOT-analysis, and optimization of educational network in the community.

On December 5-6, trainings were covered the experience of education system management in territorial communities of Slovakia, Hungary, Poland and Czech Republic.